Although centuries have passed by since the first potato dishes came to the Western World, it remains one of the favourite food for everyone, and especially children.

Nowadays, we continue to use potatoes both as a meal and side dish. Apart from the favourite flavor, potatoes offer us carbohydrates and minerals essential for a balanced diet.

Potatoes are widespread in our country and a key ingredient for every cook. Ioannis Kapodistrias introduced potatoes to Greece during the 19th century. Probably during the same period potatoes were introduced to the island of Aphrodite, Cyprus, either from our country or from Italy.

It is known that Cyprus produces the best potatoes in quality and flavour throughout Europe. The suitability of soil and the water quality explain the unique, rich flavour. More particularly the red soil, the particularly favourable climate, the vast experience of 2,000 potato producers, the expertise and care and the systematic controls are among the most important factors that contribute to the well-known excellent quality of Cypriot potatoes.