Truffle Mushrooms


Truffle mushrooms have been successfully cultivated since 1808, known in French as trufficulture. The successful attempts were met with enthusiasm in southern France as the soil there was chalky and the weather was dry and hot, ideal for truffle mushrooms.

During the 20th century, because of the growing industrialisation of France and the subsequent moving to the province, many truffle mushroom (champs truffiers or truffières) cultivation fields were deserted. Truffle mushrooms became rare.

Furthermore, between the two World Wars the truffle mushroom cultivation fields stopped being productive. The average life-cycle of the truffle tree reaches 30 years. Therefore, after 1945 the production of truffles plummeted and prices have risen dramatically. Nowadays, truffle mushrooms is a rare delicacy for the rich, or are used in very special cases.