Pleurotus Mushrooms


The Pleurotus mushrooms (known as King Trumpet, Horn Mushroom) are native to Mediterranean regions of Europe, Middle East and North Africa, but cultivated in regions of Asia as well. In Chinese they are called Xing bao Gu. In Japanese, they are called eringi.

The largest type of the Pleurotus genus has a thick, meaty white stem and a little black top (small samples).

They do not have any particular flavour and aroma when raw. When cooked, they develop typical mushroom umami flavours with texture similar to abalone.

These mushrooms have a good lifetime

Pleurotus mushrooms can naturally contain chemicals that stimulate the immune system.

Pleurotus Mushrooms Packaging

Pleurotus fillet

Bulk packaging: 2 Κgr


Pleurotus not cleaned

Bulk packaging: 3 Κgr


Pleurotus fillet

Standardized packaging: 500gr